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By DON LINDICH, Special to the Star Tribune
Last update: February 13, 2009 - 2:46 PM

Sound Advice Blog

John Potis died on December 22, 2008 from a blood clot. He had been battlling cancer and was going through both radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

I first met John on the Compuserve Audio Forums. Over the years we Emailed each other and I met John and his wife Rebecca one summer. Wen Vibrapods were invented I sent him some for his perusal. He wrote the first review of Vibrapods for SMR.

Over the years we have compared notes on various equipment, family, kids etc. John loved his girls and was always passing on pictures and information about them. I will especially miss John's 'out of the blue' calls to my factory.

John will be missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to John's family.

Chip Stern says it all....

6 Moons - August 2005
"I highly recommend the Vibrapods/cones in order to get maximum MiniMax ." In a review of the Eastern Electric MiniMax Phono Stage.
John Potis

UltraAudio - March 2005
"Indeed, four Isolator-Cone combos offered my ne plus ultra SRA reference a not inconsiderable challenge."
Mike Silverton

AudioForum Belgium - February 2005
Translation needed...  September 2004
Translation needed.....

6 Moons - June 2004
"...Cones without a doubt take the Vibrapods to the next performance level."
John Potis

Ultra Audio April 2004
"In my experience, that makes them the best buy in audio -- nothing else begins to come close."
Dan Davis

6 Moons - April 2004
"However, I thought performance went up a notch or two when I swapped the cones for Vibrapods and placed the amp on my rack."
Paul Candy Review  July 2003
Frederic Vanden Poel

"They are for control of micro-vibration, a constant problem for all of us whether we realize it or not, and they are as good as most of the pucks and cones I have tried, for a fraction of the price."
Bryan Gladstone
"The Vibrapods work amazingly well."
Dave Clark
"So with a product that is practical, functional, and very affordable, how can you go wrong?"
Francisco Duran

the abso!ute sound  Good Cheap Stuff That Works Issue - 129, Page 129, April/May 2001
"Everybody should have a few sets around for applications where more expensive cones, spikes, discs, and damping systems (like Walker Valid Points) either won't fit or are too complex."
Arthur S. Pfeffer

HiFi World - May 2001
"It always puzzles me why people spend hundreds of pounds on fancy supports when a basic coffee table with a few of these things underneath give such good results in all but the most exacting systems."

the abso!ute sound  Vibrapods & Loudspeaker Serendipity - Issue 118, Page 97, June/July 1999
"So, folks, at $6 each, I think this product is the audio bargain of the decade."
Anna Logg
Valerie Kurlychek, aka Anna Logg, died December 29, 2003

SoundStage! Paradise 'Pods and Stuff - April 1999
" In the listening room, ‘Pods support the digital processor, the preamplifier, two line conditioners, a surge protector, a couple of harmonic enhancement devices, several power cords, a pair of loudspeakers, and the portable de-humidifier. This is just the beginning."
James Saxon

TNT Internet HiFi Magazine Vibrapod™ Isolators Masters of reality! - January 1999
"These Vibrapod™ Isolators work extremely well and they can add a plus of musicality to any dead-sounding too-many-tip-toes-equipped HiFi set-up."
Dr. Lucio Cadeddu

SoundStage! Vibrapods - An Undiscovered Application Unexpected pleasures - January 1999
"Folks, you gotta’ try this to believe it. The things only cost $6 a pop and come with a 30-day money-back return policy. What have you got to lose?"
Greg Weaver

Christmas Gift Suggestions From SMR On The Web - December 1998
John R. Potis, Jr.
Kevin Kost

Listener Magazine Pod People Look out, y'all. - Autumn 1998
" What was really telling in my going back and forth from cones to Pods was that, when the Pods were on duty, I would forget what I was doing and just sit there listening. Doesn't that say it all?"
Bruce Kennett

SoundStage! Review Followup: Return of the Pod People! - November 1998
"As much as I try to resist the sinister lure of Pods, these new mutations have swooned me to the point where all of my willpower and strength have been taken away as my audio system has been singing the praises of THE POD PROGENY!"
Steven Rochlin

From The Phonogram List Part One - October 1998
"My conclusion? Well, the Vibrapods worked for me, and they didn't screw up the sound... which is what I should of said in the first place!"
John Mah

From The Phonogram List Part Two - April 1999
" I noticed a couple things right away, namely: - better separation of instruments and voices; I perceived this as less congestion or 'overlap' of instruments -- maybe this is just better layering as per the next claim - a more distinct boundary between the above -- for example, the physical separation of the first violin and second violin sections in an orchestra is much better defined - a tightening of the bass, giving without a doubt the impression of "bass foundation" (or for the musically inclined, pedal points) - again, a lower noise floor -- instruments eerily just 'hover' in space, and small details (like hall decay, the rate of a soloists' vibrato, how musicians finish their phrases, the ring of vibraphones, etc.) are pulled from the groove..."
John Mah

SoundStage! Vibrapod Isolators: Come Join the Pod People - August 1998
"So in the end my music system was forever transformed for the better as I now find myself transformed into one of the Pod People."
Steven Rochlin

Primyl Vinyl, the Audiophile Record Collectors Newsletter - August 1998
"...MUCH improved soundstage, the air around the instruments had returned, everything was much more defined."
Bruce Kinch

SMR On The Web  Attack of the Pods from Planet Kennard! - May 1998
"Unbelievable.  Im serious!  I couldn’t believe it!  The sound stage was wider still!  The opening guitar riff was coming out of the CD player that is to the left of the speaker!  Bass, again, was even more visceral!"
John R. Potis, Jr.





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